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TecAlliance Best Data Quality Award 2021

Updated: Sep 5

Recently, GSP won two awards in the selection of "TecAlliance Best Data Quality Award 2021", they are Most Updated Data Award 2021 and Big Improvement Award 2021. The two awards were reviewed from "update frequency", "coverage" and "data quality", which highly affirmed GSP's data management ability.

TecAlliance Best Data Quality Award 2021

Matthias Moritz, general manager of TecAlliance Asia Pacific, delivered an award speech to GSP at the award ceremony.

"On behalf of TecAlliance, I sincerely congratulate GSP AUTOMOTIVE on winning two TecAlliance awards in 2021: Most updated Data Award and Big Improvement Award. GSP has always been showing extraordinary performances in the aftermarket data area, and to our delight, TecAlliance has witnessed its fast progress along the way. We are happy that TecAlliance is GSP's reliable partner in the industry with our professional data and services, and of course we are more than happy to see GSP winning our awards ---- I truly believe that GSP lives up to their names.”

The TecDoc data standard created by TecAlliance has been recognized as the trusted standard in the automotive aftermarket. So far, TecAlliance TecAlliance Asia Pacific has held two Best Data Quality Awards, which aims to recognize its close partners who have worked together with TecAlliance in the past year, and commend its outstanding achievements in in-depth cooperation with TecAlliance.

Continuously improve data management capability

GSP is committed to providing customers with high-quality data. Actually, full range coverage is one of GSP's core competitive advantages. Over the years, GSP has been actively building the group's data management system and has built a strong data management team to serve customers from more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

In 2021, on the client side, GSP not only increased coverage and improved customer service depth through gap analysis, but also launched personalized services, such as data recommendation for customer and development of country catalogue. In addition, in terms of data capability improvement, GSP actively optimized the data quality, eliminated duplicate numbers and continuously reduced development costs.

Sam Yan, product director of GSP, accepted the two awards on behalf of the team, "The two awards presented by TecAlliance are recognition of our data management. 2021 is a hard year but a year for the data management team to thrive. I believe we can provide more data support for customers, bring more opportunities for sales in the future. We should not only become one of the most indispensable departments of the company, but also become the benchmark of data management in the aftermarket!"

Charles Zhao, marketing vice president of GSP, said, "I am very happy to win these two awards. Thanks for the recognition of TecAlliance and the efforts of the data team. Good catalogue data needs to be guaranteed by a complete product management system. Data is one of the core competitiveness in the aftermarket. Therefore, GSP will continue to invest in teams and systems. We also hope that TecAlliance will continue to support us in the future."

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