5 Reasons Your Car's Suspension Is Important

While many think that the suspension on their vehicle is simply for keeping their car comfortable, it actually does more than that. Your vehicle's suspension components play a very vital role in how your car handles, brakes, and performs.

Since most of your suspension is made up of components that are designed to wear out over time, keeping them maintained and replaced on time will keep your vehicle performing at its best. This can help you save time and money while allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable ride. Today, we are going to look at 5 reasons your car’s suspension is important.

1. It Affects How Your Car Handles

The way that your car handles is important to various aspects of how you drive. You will want your vehicle to handle as it did from the factory, if not better. From the factory, your suspension components were designed to properly transfer the weight of the car. As your suspension wears out, your car's handling will become worse, leaving you with a “floating” feeling, which could be dangerous if you are needing to quickly maneuver your vehicle.

2. It Determines How Comfortable Your Car Is

The most commonly known benefit of your vehicle's suspension is how comfortable it makes your vehicle. The primary role of your suspension is to absorb the bumps of the road to keep you and your passengers as comfortable as possible. As these components wear out, you will experience a very noticeable difference in ride quality in your vehicle. Even the smallest bushing going out can make a difference in how comfortable your car is.

3. Your Suspension Plays A Large Role In Braking Capabilities

One of the most unknown roles of a vehicle’s suspension system is that it greatly affects your braking distances. If your suspension is worn out, it cannot distribute weight properly. This means that it will take longer to brake a certain distance with worn-out suspension components. When restoring your suspension system, you should notice a performance increase from your brake system.

4. It Helps To Maintain Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is a very important component of your vehicle as it determines how your car performs, how your tires wear, and how your vehicle handles. Wheel alignment refers to the alignment of the front wheels. The front wheels can be out of alignment for a few different reasons. It could be due to worn-out suspension components, components that need to be adjusted, or a damaged suspension component that needs to be replaced. Getting a wheel alignment every 6,000 miles will ensure your wheels are aligned at all times.

5. It Keeps Your Tires Wearing Consistently

Lastly, your suspension plays a large role in keeping your tires wearing consistently. As your suspension system wears out, your tires will start to wear unevenly and quicker, meaning you will have to replace tires sooner than normal. By keeping your suspension system maintained and worn-out components replaces in a timely manner, you can avoid the extra cost of replacing tires sooner than you needed to.

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