What Causes A Clunking In My Front Suspension?

As your car ages, there are many different issues that you can face, such as worn-out front suspension components. Since most suspension parts are worn over time, most components must be replaced to ensure proper OE performance. One of the most common symptoms of a failing suspension component is a clunking sound coming from the front of your vehicle. This can also be felt in your vehicle's seat or steering wheel. Let’s look at a few reasons of what could be causing the clunk in your front suspension.

What Causes A Clunking In My Front Suspension?

What Causes A Front Suspension Clunk?

The clunking sound coming from your front suspension can be from bad struts, motor mounts, bushings, ball joints, CV axles, and other components.

Bad Struts

A failing strut can cause a clunk because the strut's ability to absorb road bumps diminishes. This will result in your entire front end to bounce more than usual. This can usually be confirmed by bounce testing the vehicle or removing the strut to test it.

Bad Motor Mounts

A bad motor mount can also cause a clunking sound as the rubber used to absorb engine vibrations wears down, allowing the engine to flex more than usual. The clunking sound can come from the engine hitting other engine bay components or the motor mount shifting during acceleration or hard stops.

Bad Bushings

Rubber bushings are throughout your vehicle, from the suspension to the body to frame points. As time passes and these bushings get heat cycled through the elements, they can deteriorate. This can cause clunking between metal components as they can no longer absorb the flex where these components need it the most. The clunking from bad bushings usually comes from the suspension bushings wearing out.

Bad Ball Joints

The ball joints in your vehicle help to provide a flexible joint between the steering knuckle and the lower control arm. Over time, these can wear out due to a rip in the boot, loss of grease, or simply old age. The clunking comes from the ball and socket joint not having enough grease to operate smoothly.

Bad CV Axles

If your vehicle is equipped with CV axles, as these start to fail, you will hear a clunk or pop when turning at low speeds. The CV axles, like the ball joints, have a sealed joint that can become infiltrated with contaminants, causing the grease to break down and the joint to bind. Our replacement axles are stronger and last longer than factory components to help you get back on the road with better products than you had before.

High-Quality Suspension Components From GSP North America

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